Brett Merl Developed Youth Hockey Programs

CEO of Saturday Holdings, Brett Merl’s passion for hockey quickly showed him that several youth hockey programs greatly needed support. Beginning with struggling clubs in Florida,  Brett Merl starting funding youth hockey programs in areas where there was a dire cry for help. Not too long after, he launched additional programs in Michigan and Ohio, thriving on the opportunity to share his love of the sport with the next generation of players.

Brett Merl Moves Forward Without Looking Back

Beginning in 1987 in the insurance benefits industry,  Brett Merl gained enough knowledge and experience very quickly to develop his own voluntary benefits agency in 1991. Brett Merl realized he had a talent for marketing and has no regrets about the career choices he has made along the way. Therefore, he started a consulting company to assist small and medium sized businesses with their own marketing campaigns.

Continues to Help Others

Currently serving as CEO of both the Legal Club of America and Saturday Holdings, Inc®, Brett Merl keeps finding new ways to make a difference. Having contributed to the growth and diversity of the Legal Club, Brett Merl discovered what services his clients needed and looked for a solution. While providing these services, Brett Merl continued to develop new corporations to cover the benefits packages market. This combination of interests, along with his incomparable drive for quality, has made Brett Merl a truly successful entrepreneur. Brett Merl thrives on partnerships with many charitable organizations and is a hands-on CEO.

Helping others will make our lives more meaningful. Financial problems can be resolved along with our consistency in charity. When you read his live story I believe you will agree with him about how to live in happiness by send a charity. It has been proven by Bret Merl in his activities and it is worth to try if we want to be succeed like him.



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