Cheap Ink Cartridges in UK

InkShop LogoI have a HP 3535 DeskJet printer which is not being used for a long time. The reason is not because I have a new printer, but the ink cartridge is broken down. I am planning to buy new ink cartridges but the price for two cartridges is the same as buying a new printer. 🙁

Printers are cheap today but after you bought them you will realize that printer’s ink cartridge is cost you much, as what I faced. I think ink cartridges are “money maker” for printer manufacturer. They sell printer at low price so customers can buy it in affordable price. In order to work, printer needs ink cartridges. Printer manufacturer of course also produce ink cartridges. If there are a lot of printers need new ink cartridges, then printer manufacturers start to gain profit from them. Now what you need is how to find ink cartridges with low price but same quality for your printer.

Lucky for you who live in UK, there is a company which provides cheaper alternatives up to 75% less for ink cartridges, in the same quality. sells ink cartridges which are compatible to HP, Epson, Canon and other printer brands. You can order it online from their website; A free delivery for UK customers is another advantage you should consider.


  1. Hi,

    I am looking for ink cartridges for the Epson RX425. I have bought compatibles in the past but the ink quality is not so great or the chips dont recognise. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

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