How To Never Loose Your Post Ideas?

Notebook and Handrecord

I think you already know about Writer’s block, the time when bloggers do not have any idea to write blog post. There is a list to help you to find post ideas and it worked all time. What about if you have something is “whispering” in your mind and you think you can make it as a blog post but then it is dissapear quickly right just before you write it? Several time it happeed to me. I lost the idea. It’s gone with the wind.

To avoid that it happens again, I have to write it somewhere quickly. My choice is to buy a notebook and have it with me always. It works. This post was noted on it and other post ideas is waiting to be published.

Another tool to keep your post ideas is by record it in a voice recorder. I am considering to use it.

So, where do you keep your post ideas?

I keep it in my mind and these tools.


  1. 🙂 Nice tips. Some times I lost my idea. Now I use scribeFire, a firefox addon. I can save my idea and post another time. I can manage all my blogs with ScribeFire to.

  2. what i do is, whenever i can think of an idea, i write them immediately using any available media that i got at hand. if i am online, i write them as drafts and continue later.

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