Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 9

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I have mention before about upcoming release Mozilla Firefox Family, now Firefox 4 has been on beta. And the latest update is Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 9. There are many enhanchement on Beta 9. You can check more details about Firefox 4 beta 9 on this page

Mozilla Firefox 4 LogoOn Firefox 4 beta 9 there are many tweaks and bug fixes. The bookmarks and history code has been overhauled, which will improve browser startup and bookmarking speed (was bookmarking ever slow?). Per-compartment garbage collection (that you can read more details about it here) has also been enabled, which improves the efficiency of complex animations.

So far away, Mozilla Firefox still my primary browser, whatever Safari or Google Chrome offer. I don’t know why I really love it it, maybe this is love for the first sight ;)

Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 9 here

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