Future technological Printer, print files from anywhere via email

eprintePrint is a technology introduced by HP, has the potential to simplify our daily activities, both for serious purposes such as business and office, or the need for a more fun, such as sharing photos or invitations. In fact, the technology is believed to be able to cut the distance and time. And that’s the future. EPrint is a trademark that refers to technology to wirelessly print files.

The ePrint itself consists of about 6 derivative features and services, such as email via HP ePrint, HP ePrint public printing locations, HP ePrint Enterprise, HP ePrint wireless direct printing, Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint HP ePrint mobile apps and software. Technology standards are then injected to some special printer called HP ePrint-capable printer. You can easily identify whether a supported HP ePrint printer or not. Neither of product specifications, as well as from the logo on the printer body.

EPrint via email
This feature is one instance where the ePrint feature command to the printing process and the file to be printed can be communicated it through an email that ensure the safety of files, so there are only certain people who know the email address of the printer can print files them.

Way of working
The printer is ePrint capable printers registered prior to an HP ePrint cloud service center. Then the printer will have a unique email address to forward the attachment file to the printer for printing. This email address can be customized at a later date, but it is recommended not to do so safety will be fulfilled. After that, the ePrint cloud server will render the document data of each of each email attachments into a format compatible for streaming data print it, such PCL3, PCL5 or postscript.

Onwards will be processed by the printer and into the mold intact. In order to be rendered into a format for printing data stream, then make sure the format of the document in your email attachments in native plain, namely:

  • MS Word Document
  • MS Power Point presentation
  • MS Outlook Document
  • Image file
  • Adobe Acrobat File
  • Text files and rich text format
  • HTML file
  • You can do printing from any device, as long as it can send email. Either from a cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computers, and so on. Practical.

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