Get your $10,000 each month

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I bet you will like to hear this :) because who doesn’t want money especially its big like $10,000.  Of course there are no free in this world, we must do some effort to make it real.

Now let’s talk about this USD 10,000. This money you can earn by taking a tournament backgammon at I will not explain what and how to play backgammon because I have write about this at previous post and you can search the articles in this blog. Bgprime has collaborate with premier internet backgammon site to make this tournament which is you can earn cash for free because there are no fee entry. The promotion name was Freeroll Frenzy, so you can play this games everyday and see this tournament schedules.

How about beginner players ? Don’t worry you still can play the backgammon by join into those website and get $5 free. You can learn how to play backgammon without loosing your money and after that you can make a deposit and earn $50 bonuses. Well, have a nice play everybody and if you have succeeded don’t forget to leave a comments here.

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