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Goes To GPLHave you tested WordPress 2.7? Are you satisfied with this version? New Dashboard Interface, More Ajax Tools and Threaded comment enabled. If you are WordPress user and using my Free Themes, I will give you some good news and maybe bad news 😉

The Good News is I had updated some of my Themes Collection and make it compatible with Threaded Comment and its only available in WordPress 2.7. The themes that already updated is :

These themes has ready to download and you can play around with threaded comment.  The Bad news is, I am not updated yet  all of my themes collection to support this featured. But if you didn’t have a plan to use this featured there will be no problem at all. My themes will be running quite well with WordPress 2.7. If you have some requests to updated my others themes, leave me comment and I will do it for you.

The list of Themes aboves  I have change the license into GPL Compatible license. I hope this license could be accepted by WordPress.com 😉 Give me a support to do it by sending request to WordPress.com team to add these themes.


  1. I’ve decided not to upgrade that soon as I’m in the process of upgrading my theme and want to find one that is optimized for WP 2.7. I will certainly check out your themes collection. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Hello,

    I am currently using the Kotak theme. I changed comments.php to activate the threaded comments and comments paging features of WP2.7, but in the process, the numbered comments disappeared. My blog usually gets a lot of comments and my readers depend on comment numbers to monitor which are the ones they haven’t read yet, which was why I chose to use Kotak. Could you please help me figure out how to bring back the numbered comments, at the same time making the theme compatible with the new features of WP 2.7? Thanks!

  3. emang mantap wp 2.7….:d
    mas boleh nanya nggak mengengkripsikan footer kaya di themes2 punya mas itu bagaimana…?

    saya sangat penasaran mas…lagi semangat dengan javascript…mas bisa bantuin gimana cara mengekripsikan itu ?

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