Google Open Wave Code

Conference developer I/O Google introduced Google Wave, which is a crossbreed web platform e-mail with IM and share documents, and presents the main capabilities approaching a real-time interaction. Google plans to make open source code base client and server platforms based communication protocol XMPP standards.
On Google’s official blog developer Wave, Google takes the first step to fulfill his promise, and open the Transform Operation (OT) in flatform as a prototype client/server-based simple Wave protocol. Real-time capabilities Wave OT derived from Google’s code. Based on the operational transformation of architecture introduced by Jupiter Collaboration System is made on Xerox PARC, the way it works is to take all the content contained on the server. Clients can change the content without sending an operation when it first connected to the server.
Jochen Bekmann and Sam Thorogood. Wave developers say that OT is a spirit of collaboration in Google Wave, and they plan to develop the code to implement the recommendations of production quality.


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