How to avoid damage the hard drive

If there is damage to the hard disk of course this is very unfortunate. Condition of the hard disk should always be considered, such as maintenance, the capacity of hard disk, hard disk type, function, and the compatibility of the hard disk. To keep the hard disk remains in a stable and durable, of course, we should be able to look after it properly. Many ways and methods that can be done to keep the hard disk performance to keep up. Here are some simple tips that can be done to keep your hard disk remain in good condition and protected from damage:

Defragmenter on a regular basis
If you frequently use a computer continuously, then the arrangement of files in the computer must always be in good condition. To do this, one way to do this is by doing the defragmenter on a regular basis, such as once a week. Defragmenter way I’m sure you’ve been doing.

Do not turn off the computer directly from the power
These conditions may often occur for those just learning the computer and do not know the correct procedure to shut down a computer. If these conditions are carried out continuously, then this could damage the hard disk. Therefore, from now on it is advisable to turn off the computer through a procedure that is often done, such as through the shut down button.

Selecting the type of hard disk
Of the several types of hard disk, it looks like the HDD is becoming obsolete, although to date there are still many among computer users who use this type of hard disk. To obtain a durable hard disk, you may need to try an SSD.


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