How to upgrade your computer memory?

Speed ​​of a computer is affected by many factors, one of which is the hardware used. Some computer hardware that greatly affect the speed of the computer including the processor, memory, and hard disk. From some of the hardware, the most easy to upgrade is memory. How to upgrade the computer memory? Here are some tips that you should do to upgrade memory, such as:

upgrade computer memory

Selecting the type of memory
Before you upgrade the computer memory, the first step is to know the type of memory that is currently used on your computer. Some memory is now very varied, such as DDR 1, DDR 2 and DDR 3. If you want to increase memory capacity, then it must be the same type of memory with a memory that you are currently using. If there is a difference, then it will usually happen “hang” or “error” in your computer system. But now, several types of memory have changed in terms of design, where you will not be able to upgrade memory with different type.

Memory speed
Maybe you have to check on the installed computer memory, where you need to know the speed of memory, such as PC 3200, PC 4500, and some greater speed. If you want to upgrade the memory, the memory speed should be the same. If the computer memory available in your computer is PC 3200, the added capacity will also be PC 3200. You can not upgrade with a difference memory capacity, such as PC 4500.

Motherboard capacity
Usually before upgrading memory, you need to know how much the maximum capacity allowed by the motherboard. If you find that you want installed memory exceeds the permitted capacity, the memory can not be running optimally.


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