How to install Linux Ubuntu (2)

Linux UbuntuAfter the disk partitioning process is complete and then clicks Close. For direct installation, you can click the install icon on the desktop and wait for the loading process. Then we will determine the language we use. Then click forward. Here we will show where we are, because by showing where we are, the system Ubuntu will do the time format GMT. Then we determine the type of keyboard that will be used. This view is intended to fill in our identity. Keep in mind when filling out your username, the letter used must be all lowercase and no spaces, the same thing when we fill our computer names. Then click forward.
There are two options erase the disk and manually edit. What is meant by erase the disk is to delete all the contents of the hard disk is quite dangerous, but what if you have data already stored on disk? To protect the data, select manually edit partition. Then click forward. Then we were asked to determine the mount point of the two partitions we have made earlier, make like the picture above. Then click forward. This is a global configuration which we have made to install, click install (if we’ve established with the configuration). In this process of being copied ubuntu system into your computer. The time needed to finish loading depends on the performance of computer you have, as a comparison when I use a Pentium 4 with 512 MB of memory takes about 15 minutes.


  1. installing ubuntu is an easy matter. it is very easy and i guess everyone has no problem to install it since it is easier to install ubuntu than windows. if you’re planning to make tutorial how to install linux you should use slackware rather than ubuntu.

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