How to keep Your Powerbank durable?

Having powerbank as a backup battery or charger is greatly simplify our mobile activity. Imagine, in a condition to travel, we do not need to search only the electrical plugs to keep our gadgets are always on with the support of adequate, because powerbank ready those needs.

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Try to fill each time POWERBANK, do it optimally. That is, wait until the device is fully charged. Generally, the indicator light will show the condition, so be patient in doing charging, do not rush to pull out before the lights on all, which indicates the device is fully charged .

Limit Frequency Flashlight
If not in an emergency, limit the frequency of charging POWERBANK. Use a regular charger for charging gadgets mate if it is available because it is generally POWERBANK jack has a limited number of charging. This means that in a few times charging, the device will decrease the performance of energy storage. The more frequent charging, the sooner these tools are not working optimally.

Leave Function Luminaries
Although POWERBANK often equipped with a flashlight or torch, do not play around with this function because it is sucking power. Use of this flashlight function will result in the contents of POWERBANK quickly exhausted, and it is highly not recommended. The sooner discharged, the capacity of ugly anyway this tool. So, unless extremely urgent, avoid turn on the flashlight function POWERBANK .

Avoid Extreme Temperatures
Because it contains a rechargeable battery, POWERBANK quickly drop if often we take it to places where extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Battery materials in POWERBANK susceptible to such temperatures. If that friend had to take her in extreme temperatures, try POWERBANK wrapped well so that the surrounding temperature remains normal.

That’s a glimpse of how to care POWERBANK good. In order POWERBANK durable, these things must be done mate. At least, the risk of energy storage power of the fallen dramatically POWERBANK can be avoided if all of them were filled. It seems POWERBANK current prices began to fall, but good maintenance will greatly save costs rather than having often mutually tool.

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