How To Reduce Firefox Memory and CPU Usage

Mozilla Firefox is my default browser on my MacBook Pro, this browser is easy to use and help me a lot as WordPress Theme designer. The most wanted tips on Firefox is reduce Firefox Memory and CPU usage. Because on my MacBook Pro and maybe for many Firefox user too have this weird problem.

On The Latest Mozilla Firefox 4. This problem still appear. Example if you open more than 5 you will see than you Memory Usage will be increased rapidly and sometimes you CPU usage will be more higher than other Applications. This is not good if we open so many Application such as Coda, Transmit, iTunes, Adobe Family in the same times.

So, I try to find how to fix and reduce firefox memory and CPU usage, and I got nicely links from @VikingKarwur, we can try to use SaveMemory, A Free Firefox Addon to fix this problem. Go a head download SaveMemory to fix your problem.

CPU and Memory Usage before using SaveMemory Add-On


Mozilla Firefox 4 with 10 Tabs
Mozilla Firefox 4 with 10 Tabs


Open 10 Tabs in the same times.

Please note current version still didn’t support for Mozilla Firefox 4



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