How To Transfer Money 4 data into Money 5 App?

We will show you how to transfer Money 4 data into Money 5 App iPhone and iPad. iBearSoft Company behind Money 4 (formely iBearMoney 4) has been updated. Now Money 5 has been released and introducing with nicely huge discount.

Tutorial iBearMoney 4 Backup
Tutorial iBearMoney 4 Backup

Many Money 4 user included me has really pain to update and moving my Money 4 data into Money 5. But after trial and error, we can handle painless 🙂

Here is my solutions on transfer Money 4 data into Money 5 App iPhone.

  1. Open your Money 4 App and login, then go to More > Backup Copy and create latest backup then logout from your current account
  2. On Money 4 main screen, choose Backup menu and choose Wi-Fi then go to your browser and open the listed address (example And start download your latest update.
  3. Plug in your iPhone Device and using your iTunes go to Your Device on Apps Taps you will find File Sharing Money 5, then select your downloaded file and added into your Money 5 App
  4. After successfully, open Money 5 app on your iPhone and Choose Tools Menu > Backup (there are will be one Backup, select it to import this backup into your Money 5 app)
  5. Done, now you have successfully transfer your Money 4 data into Money 5

That’s is. Now Your Money 5 data has been updated. If you still find any problem. You can contact or

Why we should upgrade into Money 5

  • Top 1 Finance app in over 20 countries (Dec 29)
  • More than 200.000 users all over the world
  • Over 1 year on the App Store
  • Apple Stores pick across the USA
  • Finovate Startup 09 selected participant
  • Winner of industry leaders-sponsored IT conference
New Money 5 App Interface and Design
New Money 5 App Interface and Design

By Twitter you can follow and mention @iBearSoft (iBear LLC) and @andrey_pilyugin (Andrey Pilyugin /Founder of iBear LLC) I don’t know why, this person only have 53 followers. Money App is top selling in Finance App iTunes

Money 5 App can be downloaded here, there are Christmas promo get this app only 0.99$ limited time offer

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