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I have many social bookmark and every social bookmarks have unique value, so it’s not easy to compare each social bookmarks media. One of my favourite is, they main layout is simple easy to browsable. The other things is, firefox extension toolbar is really great. This extension make more easy for me to bookmarks our favourites address, I can add some tags, add some flags (like or dislike), channel, friends tools and many more. There are toolbar for Internet Explorer too.

To make my account more better, I try to Blog walking and found nice article from is a SEO company, they give some tips how to increase our website traffic use bookmars services. This is some of they tips that you can read more detail on SEO Blog.

Rating websites

By getting involved in the community and rating some of the websites I visit helps my website appear for StumbleUpon users who have similar interests to my own, therefore they will be more likely to rate my site with a thumbs up! StumbleUpon is time-based, although not to the same extent as Digg, which means the more votes you can get in a short period of time the more traffic you will receive.

Adding friends

By adding friends you will increase the amount of users who will see your newly added webpages, making them more likely to give your site the thumbs up.

Submit new webpages

Once I have created a new blog post for example I will submit the URL to StumbleUpon using the toolbar, it is perfectly fine to promote your own website providing you don’t overdo it. This will help to increase the amount of my webpages I have present in the StumbleUpon database and improve the likelihood of my site being ‘stumbled upon’.

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  1. And last but not least! the greatest functionality of stumbleupon is that when you hit the stumble button in the toolbar you go to a random (and highly rated) website within your categories of interest! this is wonderful!

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