Is the Internet can lead to Ignorance for its users?

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The development of Internet technology is very fast and without limits. This of course can provide a lot of impact, both positive and negative impacts. If we are not able to cope with these impacts, particularly negative impact, then this is a bad condition to the development of a person, especially children.

growing the internet

In some countries, the growth of the Internet is fast enough to be accompanied by some adequate infrastructure in order to provide a balance in both these aspects. Researchers in the field of information technology has been predicted that, long before the internet has developed very rapidly.

Technological factors can not be applied without a filter. All matters relating to a person’s personality, especially regarding education is to be able to overcome that negative symptoms are not growing concern. The most important factor is how we can choose the technology advances for positive things, such as education, social, religious, and of course some applications that do provide good benefits for the people.

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