When the iPhone 6 will be Released?

With the imminent launch of the iPhone 6, which until now is still a puzzle, it brought a lot of speculation, what about about the application that will be encountered on the smartphone. There are some people mention that the iPhone 6 will be given a new color for mobile technology, where we all know that the products coming from Apple has always been a separate option for the high end.

iphone 6 released date

Some seed is said to still try to be presented about the photo application, messaging, and of course some of the newest applications that until now remains a question for some people. But it seems all of these predictions will be missed if we all already know for sure, especially with regard to the product launch schedule.

Some sources even say, this product will be released in October 2014, but some are saying that the iPhone 6 will be released in August. If this is true, then it certainly will give you many options for you to choose the best gadgets. In addition, some information is also a debate about the hardware, especially the screen size of the iPhone 6, which supposedly wider and sharper.


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