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If you have been arrested at the LAX Airport or any other airport in Los Angeles County, you should contact attorney Matthew J. Ruff. Mr. Ruff has been defending ordinary, good people accused of various criminal offenses inside local airports. These crimes possession of drugs, guns, knives, and dangerous materials, as well as assault, disturbing the peace, theft, shoplifting, marijuana importation, DUI while driving to or near the LAX airport in El Segundo, among many others.

As a local criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, Mr. Ruff has represented hundreds of people charged with all manner of criminal offenses at virtually all local airports, including: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) near El Segundo, Burbank Airport, Long Beach Airport, and many others. In most cases a Lawyer can go to Court on your behalf, thereby avoiding the hassle of having to travel back to Los Angeles County and bear the humiliation of appearing before a Judge. Crimes such as drug possession and possessing dangerous weapons such as knives, guns and brass knuckles, DUI in El Segundo near the LAX Airport Arrest Attorney LAX airport, can often be resolved without the offense showing up on a person’s criminal record.

Over the last fifteen years, Matthew J. Ruff has zealously fought for his clients and has delivered excellent results for his clients. With over 500 appearances made at the LAX Los Angeles Airport Court on La Cienega alone, Mr. Ruff has the contacts and local connections to help end what can probably be described as the most frightening experience a person can go through. Small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, drug paraphernalia, pipes, bongs, etc. can be found in someone’s luggage and this can trigger a full scale prosecution by the City Attorney or Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office. With the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer the playing field can be made level and cases can be resolved without the stigma of a conviction. With the use of innovative strategies such as informal office hearings, diversion, conditional dismissals, deferred adjudication, and the like, most criminal charges can be made to all but disappear.

Among the litany of criminal offenses attorney Matthew Ruff fights are DUI or drunk driving citations issued to folks around the Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, near the municipality of El Segundo. There has been ramped up enforcement of driving under the influence arrests in the area from sobriety checkpoints and security checks coming into and around the airport terminal. As a local Law Firm, he can appear in the Criminal Court on behalf of the client and take the important steps to protect the drivers license at the DMV in El Segundo.

If you or a relative, significant other, etc. has been arrested at the airport or given a citation to appear in Court, call Attorney Matthew Ruff directly to speak about how he can help you get through this most difficult time: Call us Local at 310-527-4100 or Toll free at 1-877-213-4453.


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  1. I hope that Mr. Ruff works as well with a good drug rehab together. As his clients are in possession of drugs. They all need after the legal problems a good drug rehab as well. Our success rate is about 70%.

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