Learn CodeIgniter with ShawnMcCool

ShawnThumbLately I learn CodeIgniter again. It’s because I want to develop an accounting application that can be use in many platform and the choices is CodeIgniter framework. As an initial learning, we must understand a little about the structure of files and folders from CodeIgniter itself. And then we learn the syntax and build an application. I tried to googling and surfing to a blog that contains the tutorial how to create an application using CodeIgniter framework.
After reading a few blogs, I started to like blogs Shawn McCool, one of which contains about Web Development Tutorial. I like that shown in the screencast blog Shawn. The information was so detailed with examples of online applications and files you can download the material for our study.
It is for the advance which was enough to understand about CodeIgniter is not new. I’m sure if you visit the blog starters Shawn McCool will be pleased and interested in the review. There are several points that I like about Shawn’s blog is a screencast tutorial, sample applications, explanation and implementation CodeIgniter with his jquery for ajax.


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