Looking at some of the advantages Camera 360 Application 

Currently, Selfie has become a trend among some people, especially teenagers. Selfie that habit to take pictures with a variety of styles, either by themselves or together with friends. Usually after such fun taking pictures, the camera shots were distributed to various social media sites that can be seen by various people. It is also as a manifestation of self. Since the hobby has penetrated photographed in various circles, it certainly needs the best quality camera is also required.

best android photograph apps

Actually this time the camera needs to have been easily met. How not smart phones today are always inserted a camera with various resolutions, some have inserted two cameras at once. If he did not have a good quality camera phones, Android phones already offering the camera 360 application. Surely not already know this app? For those who do not know, here ‘s the review.

Camera 360 is basically the same with the camera application on the phone in general, but this application into its own as an interesting topic to date has been downloaded more than 20 million times. Features offered by the camera with photo editing facilities. However, the existence of distinct advantage in this camera makes it a lot of rage. Among other features of the camera is full, and the picture is almost identical to the results of a digital camera. Before photographing, we can select what features and results desired, such as Saturation, Sharpness, Contrast, Exposure, and White Balance.

In addition to the camera with a range of feature options, the camera 360 also has a cool photo editing facilities. Can be used before and after the shooting. When we want to give the impression of a photo with a lighter color, we can choose the effect of High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) and when we want to create images with effects such hilarious effect then we can choose Magic Colors, Lomo, Retro, Back to 1938, Sketch. Or maybe we want to make our pictures look like a ghost, then we can choose Ghost. Better yet, the existence of the ” Touch to Compare ” on camera 360 makes it easy for us to compare the images before and after the edit. So with that we can choose which photos better.

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