MesoSilver: Most Effective Colloidal Silver

MesosilverMany products on the market today which are marked while the colloidal silver consist really most of the time of ionic. The colloidal money of Monatomic is another name for the ionic money. The silver hydrosol is still another name for the ionic silver. عدد اوراق الاونو These most of the time ionic products announced as a colloidal silver never mention the ionic silver of words in their literature or indicate which percentage of all the silver in their product is the ions silver plated against the silver plated particles.

They do not take the trouble to indicate to you that their product is most of the time ionic silver, not silver plated particles. The fact is, the majority as of the such products contain only between 1% to 20% (typical 10%) of their contents silver plated in the form of particles silver plated with the majority 80% to 99% in the form of ionic silver.

Mesosilver is 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form, a true silver colloid.

  • All natural mineral supplement in the form of nanoparticle colloidal silver.
  • Highest particle surface area for maximum effectiveness. Up to 600 times greater than other products. See the Comparison Table for details.
  • No adverse side effects have ever been reported. جميع مواقع الرياضة
  • Highest bioavailability of any colloidal silver product due to sub-nanometer size particles.
  • True colloidal silver. Colloid means silver particles, not silver ions. بايير بنك
  • Smallest silver nanoparticles whose diameter typically measure 0.65 nm or less.
  • And Many More..

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