Metro theme WordPress as an option for Your blog

If a few years ago still use the blog theme with a simple theme and a little given the facilities and flash animation. But along with the increasing number of multi -responsive template with facilities to make the developers to create a theme with its own advantages, such as the template with the metro design. If you noticed, by default, the metro theme look more at identical theme with the layout of the window 8, where some of the more highlighted colors to give the effect of minimalist and simple.

best metro theme for wordpress

Some display color used on the metro concept theme usually pretty much use bright colors, such as blue, purple, red, green, and some color combinations that you often find on windows 8. While the layout is used mostly rectangular with a size that is different.

Some of the advantages that you can get from the metro theme is indeed quite a lot, one of which is able to be configured with a mobile device, so if you ‘re on the way, the look of the website which can be displayed using the metro theme well and quickly.

In addition, the current metro theme can be found in some stores theme is also equipped with facilities that are SEO friendly, so it will be easier for you to optimize your website in search engines.

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