How To Unsubscribe All of my Friend or Group Update on Facebook

For some reason we needed to unsubscribe all updates of our friends or Groups on Facebook. There are so many reason why we need to do it, maybe Facebook user need clean their timeline with annoying updates status or another reason their want all updates that’s it.

Facebook Subsriptions Settings
Facebook Subsriptions Settings

Now we will show you to unsubscribe all updates on Facebook. There are two method to do this tricks.

For old Facebook Design, not timeline version. Follow this guide

  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Then on your below your profile picture, there are links to info, photo, friends and also subscriptions..
  3. Then go to subscriptions and you will see to whom you are subscribed
  4. Next step is go to “Edit settings” at the top right hand side and turn it off all your subscriptions
  5. Done

For New Facebook Design (Timeline version). Go to your Facebook Profile. Example our profile page is then added extra URL on it, now your new URL will become like this then hit enter/return and you will see all of you current subscribe. You can select which one you want to subscribe. That’s it. We hope our tutorial useful on you and please re share if you like it

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