Tips on choosing antivirus for Android

Android Operating System, so it looks like it is being echoed throughout the hemisphere with the advantages of each feature on its applications. But such is not always the advantages and comfort us when using your android smartphone will always be in good fine condition. In some circumstances there will be a disruption that might make you snatch it faces when using your android smartphone, one of which is the threat of viruses.

antivirus for android

I can not deny, the more famous an ongoing platform, virus threats from hackers will increasingly apparent. However, the Google itself as the owner of the previous Android OS has also prepared a variety of anti- virus found in that have been in play stores. However, in the virtual world also has many sites that will take you to find another antivirus for your smartphone as an alternative of the other android developer.

For this time I will share tips and tricks for you to choose a good antivirus for your android smartphone is as follows :

The ability to analyze malware 
Antivirus can say what has a good performance when it can prevent or destroy malware attacks that it would interfere with operating system performance . Ability analysis here does not mean sensitive, sometimes too sensitive antivirus it will slightly disturb you whether it is currently exchanging data or when downloading a particular file.

Choosing a lightweight Antivirus
Hundreds antivirus application certainly offers many advantages if we choose one of them. However, before you choose, make sure your antivirus choose according to the strength of RAM or storage contained on your android smartphone. If you choose an antivirus with less memory large enough for you also will not be good on your smartphone ‘s performance later. Rather want to make your mobile phone resistant to virus attack, antivirus precisely that which will make your smartphone ‘s performance becomes slow even hang.

Come with the same antivirus and PC
Do you own a PC? If yes, then you definitely AKN use antivirus for your PC. In this case, you should use this advantage to your android smartphone. Because most PC antivirus developers have released a mobile version of their Antivirus. One advantage is that you will get, you will get you through the features of the smartphone monitoring PC. Very useful if someday your Smartphone may be lost. Some examples of PC & Mobile Antivirus include AVG, Norton, Avast, etc.

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