Modify your wordpress layout through the editor menu

Usually the display layout of a blog is less we want. To overcome this problem a lot of ways we can do, one of which is through the existing facilities in the menu editor in the wordpress dashboard. But to make a few modifications, you must understand about the function and application characteristics are used, be it Java script, PHP, and some of the programs used. But before making these changes, you should have a back up prior to the script code, which if at any time of the “error” then you can restore the original code modifications that have not been performed.

wp script code

Modification process and also the layout of a blog is usually done because there are some that are less suitable display, such as the width of the sidebar is used, background color, position post area, and some of the navigation menu on the template. Even to make some changes that you can use some existing plugins, but it is feared to cause some error message if plugin is used not in accordance with the wordpress version. Therefore, if you really want to make some changes, you should be able to decide whether to make changes through the existing facilities in the editor menu or by using plugins.

Before making modifications, you should also consider the function of the change, if only aim to change the display as a whole or only some of the existing code, this is to avoid mistakes in the modification of the script code itself. But if you’re feeling confident, then it does not hurt to try.


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