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Promoting a product it can be done in various ways, whether paid or free. You can choose according to the needs of the market the product. The use of social media is probably one of the most simple solution and cheap for such purposes. With a wide range of features that exist in a social media, we can easily introduce existing products with a greater range of consumers. In addition, promotion through social media facilities is also a current trend, where everyone has to prove the effectiveness of the media. Why promotions through many people enjoy the facilities?

In addition to its budget factor that is quite affordable, even nearly close to zero percent, the use of social media may be one of the best options for businesses, both online and offline businesses. With ease and is able to provide significant benefits, of course, the use of social media should be improved, so the savings in promotional costs could be utilized. Of several social media, I’m sure you already have multiple accounts, is not it? Usually each person has about two accounts that can be used for various purposes, from product introductions, product to be released, and a variety of activities aimed at marketing and promotion of these products.

To find out the effectiveness of promotions through the facilities of social media, you might be able to do some comparisons within a specified period, such as doing analysis within one week after the promotion done. From this analysis we can know with certainty the response of consumers for each product that we have, whether it is good or not. With the results of the analysis of course, we can further improve the quality of existing products.

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