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logo-keysurveyHave you ever search online survey software? Like we all know, there are a lot of survey software on the net. And before we choose which one the best suit for our company, we need to take a look each software. So we can choose which one the best fit for our company. After search on the net, I found WorldAPP Key Surveys. On this software we can use with easy and there are API support also Free 30 days trial.

Like what’s WolrdAPP team say about this software

We have developed a unique survey management technology to provide our users with the best, simplest way to create surveys with professional survey design,” says WorldAPP CEO Cal Brown. “Now users can benefit hugely from the Key Survey standard template library, where hundreds of survey templates are classified by industry and usage, with an abundance of newly released professionally designed theme samples.

Key Survey’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) theme library comprises a set of graphics and CSS that control the styles, fonts, and other elements. Theme library has been created to allow the use of custom CSS style sheets templates in users’ surveys. They can also create their own themes by editing a ready-made theme from the library to match their brands.

Key Survey flexibility and ease of use help sales, marketing, services, IT, and HR professionals across multiple industries to emphasize their corporate style and identity in a timely and efficient manner.

To get more detailed information on Key Survey’s professional style template library, please call a sales representative at 781-849-8118 or toll-free at 888-708-8118.

About Key Survey by WorldAPP:

WorldAPP is the industry leader in Web-based data collection technologies, and provides applications for collecting, managing, and leveraging data throughout the enterprise. WorldAPP’s online enterprise data management solution, Key Survey, enables customer service, marketing, and HR departments to gather feedback on customer satisfaction, product feedback, and employee feedback. Key Survey’s core technology is an information collection utility designed to help companies gather data from any point, and disseminate this information across the enterprise



  1. Always keep in mind that your Survey Software is only one factor in a successful survey or market research project.

    For those looking for academic research tools, I created while on leave from my position at a College and have made it available for free to education (free fully featured 30 day demo for corporate accounts). While supporting (and using) our own software, we also work with a couple other partners depending on project requirements in our consulting arm. I’d be happy to discuss your options if you contact me through

    Appropriate sample sizes and high response rates are extremely important – I’ll post an article on “Survey Success Factors” and link to it from the home page in the next couple days

  2. Its always better to join a good company like Fuccent Software. They understnd your business need and give you the economical solution in Indian standard. Superb work guys.. Best growing software company working day and night to achieve their goal. Website development and software development with expertise hand.

  3. I’ve been thinking about adding a survey to one of my sites, ; however, I’ve read that the real key is to get the right traffic before spending the effort on the survey. Your blog didn’t mention this challenge. what have others experienced? Thanks!

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