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on pages seo methodOn page SEO optimization techniques are all performed in a web page or blog to improve rankings in search engine results like google, yahoo!, Bing, ask, etc. After yesterday I was discussing the template optimization for google penguin which is also part of the on page seo optimization, this time I will discuss on page seo techniques in general. Here are the details on page seo techniques to improve the ranking of your blog or your website.

  • Choose a seo friendly template, or use seo techniques friendly template as described in the previous article a way to seo friendly.
  • If your blog or website allows the use of plugins, use the plugin in moderation, because excessive use of plugins will only make the blog site become  slow when access.
  • Make a blog or a website user friendly, provide a table of contents if the web or blog contains lots of articles, or provide a search form to allow visitors more easily find the content, articles, images, etc in your web and blog.
  • Expand the writing, web search engines love blogs that have a lot of text. Search engines can only read the contents of a site without being able to see it.
  • Make it easy site navigation, breadcrumb or provide other tools for blogs and also spiders (crawlers tool sites from search engines) more easily explore the site.
  • Choose quality web hosting, web hosting selection will affect the performance of the site. The selection of the right web hosting will make the site more stable and easily recognizable by the search engine robots.
  • Validator script checks the value of your site, to do this please visit http://validator.w3.org. In addition to visiting the site speed check http://gtmetrix.com, try to get from gtmetrix and declared valid css, php, and other scripts by validator.w3.org.

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