Pen with Wi-Fi feature

This magic pen, multifunctional. Can be used to write the current use to take notes, but also can record and play sounds to accompany the notes made. Users can record up to 200 hours of audio and up to 400 hours of his play. As it is not special? Live scribe privileges in the inclusion of a built-in wifi feature. The pen will automatically send notes and audio recorded into Evernote.

Note that records can be shared directly to services other services. More powerful, users can access records from almost anywhere. Perhaps from a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, all that matters is the browser. Livescribe sky offered with cheap price. Pen with a built-in microphone and speakers are available in capacities of 2 GB and 4 GB.

Portable power generator
In some place, recurring blackouts started. Though today’s gadget average power intake. There’s even a battery that must be recharged up to six times a day. Well if you do not want to lose a second time to charge your electronic devices, available some apps, portable power pack contains the lithium-ion battery 2000 mAh.

Its body is made of aluminum that exhibit a LED charging indicator, and an LED indicator charger, and a DC power input in a charger LED indicator, and a DC power input in the physical microUSB charger that can be used with a standard phone. Offering a choice of four body colors for its portable power pack. Interestingly, this device is an crank power generator should be rotated by hand, so no need to intake of electrical networks.

Colorful power saving
Want to get the lights changed color change: orange, yellow, red or blue? Ah, no need to buy some fluorescent lights whose color is different. There Philips hue. This is a new line of LED-based solutions that play on lighting goes directly to ordinary light socket. Connect it to the network bridge router, and users can control the color and brightness of the lights or all lights directly from the iphone via wifi connection.

No need to worry wasteful electricity, because the technology used is the largest LED so power is drawn only 8.5 W. But the light can shine as bright as regular 50 W. Starter pack Phillips hue packed three lights and a network bridge to be plugged into the wifi router.






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