HootSuite on Android application

android appBesides being used as a communication device, android Smartphone typically also be used for activities on social networking sites. If you feel disappointed with the official facebook and twitter apps are minimal features, and then there is no harm if you glance at the applications that offer third-party development such as HootSuite, for example, with HootSuite, you can now access the 4 popular social networking sites in just one application.

Hootsuite lets you post status, post tweets and receive notifications upload photos to facebook, twitter, linkedin and foursquare. If you want to connect to more sites then you upgrade to the pro version which is in a tag with a subscription fee of about 10 dollars per month.

Whatsapp messenger on android application options
Who does not know whats’app? For those of you who use a particular android Smartphone is familiar with cross-platform chat application. With WhatsApp, you can send unlimited messages to your friends or even fellow users android blackberry and iphone users. With WhatsApp you can create a group chat that lets you chat with friends one office or organization, for example, while for identification, you do not need to remember the pin numbers like blackberry messenger because Whatsapp will automatically add friends from your phone’s contact list.

Astro file manager on android application options
Most android device does not come with a file manager so users need to install the file manager of your own if you want to manage the files stored in his cell phone. If you type in a keyword in the file manager playstore, then you will be presented with a variety of premium features. If you do not have much time to try them one by one, it helps you drop options to astro file manager.

It can be used to manage files spanning functions cut, copy and paste, astro also in Arm with function backup applications and file search functionality based on the keywords entered. Astro interface is also very easy to use due to group files by category pictures, music, videos and documents.

Instagram on android application options
For those of you who like to take pictures, Instagram you can exploit to your hobby. In addition to allowing you to directly edit the photos you take, you can also show off your photos shots to popular social networks, including Instagram own course. As already in the know Instagram was originally a social networking application that runs a place to share photos on the iOS platform.

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