Social networking as Marketing Online, are you Interested?

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To sell products through social networking (Facebook and Twitter), does not mean simply by giving a list of catalogs and product descriptions on your photo gallery. Other online marketing methods that can be used is to provide articles or content that is useful for visitors to your website pages. This could be the trigger of the coming traffic and can be a special attraction to visit your site and know the products you want to sell.
Besides the main attraction for others to see your product, and will also get a broad knowledge of your product. For example, You have pioneered a business through online sales of fashion products, Facebook has you explore, also had a lot of friends list, you also have to upload your product images on Facebook complete with captions and some friends have been tagging you.

Over time, the order had not come, though you often upload your product photos complete with captions and a lot of your friends have been tagged, what happen is your friends list is reduced. Why is that? One possible cause is:

  • Items you do not like or do not attract the attention of your friends
  • Your Facebook friends tired of seeing your product.
  • Upload your product too often by doing the tags to your friends list and this causes your friends to decide the friendship.

The solution is such that we express above. You must create a website / web with your own domain. Upload all your products complete with captions and how orders, periodically writes articles on the blog page on the Web. It is also useful primarily to provide content for the search engine options in terms of optimizing keywords. The more content we detected in a search engine, will be more and more roads newcomers visiting our online store.

Written by The Master
I am a blogger who loves the world of interior design and exterior. And also want to try internet marketing, love sharing tips and tricks about dealing with the internet. Profile

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