Scan your photos into digital Online


A new idea in business on the Internet that is Photo Scanning. Not everyone has the scan machine to capture photos they have long time ago before the digital film era. The memories of Photos make people willing to spend money to save them in digital form.

The advantages of digital format is we can print as much as we want to and it will not reduced the quality. Besides, it’s also can be stored to the online album in the internet, so it can be seen by many people such as friends, relatives, colleagues, or others during the album is shared.

OK, lets see a photo scanning service called This company can produce and manage you material photos and vidoe into digital. By submitting a paper photos, negatives, slides, and even Video Transfer can be done by this company. I think it’s not hard to understand how to apply this services, by sending the materials to them and they will scanned into digital version and uploaded on the internet. After that you will be notice by email you can see the result on the Internet and choose which one you want to keep. You only pay what you want to keep and delete the rest, so you don’t not have to pay the photos that you deleted. Finally they will send back all your materials with the photos scanned on CD / DVD for free.


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