Twitter do it Again

We got this update from OrangeScale.NET. Have new checked new Twitter Homepage? Their have change it again. Now on the Front Page you’ll see simple register process.

Twitter Redesigned 2011
Twitter Redesigned 2011

On the login area now much simple and no extra pop up box anymore. On the bottom area you’ll see little bit avatar of many popular user. This avatar will be changed randomly. Twitter added big dotted World Maps.

The most interesting is, twitter change the tagline again. Now The main tagline is

Follow your interests

Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.

And the bottom of this tagline you can search on many twitter content more easily.

Here is what we really like on New Twitter Design 2011

  • Try to Search something on the search box. You will see cute animated on the text you have entered
  • User and Password Effect. This Effect have same Effect like on the search box
  • Form Registration Effect, this effect same as on the search box, and username password
  • Avatar transition  on the bottom, this not wow transition. But this animation is enough and look cute


  1. twitter is better now, I think twitter admin always develop this micro blog social media, so I believe that google and microsoft interest to buy twitter

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