Simple tips for SEO and how to optimize your article

Many people assume that it is very difficult to learn SEO. Actually, to be able to understand the function of SEO itself, we need not think too deeply, because basically it’s very easy for learning SEO. For very simple applications that we can try through writing articles in a blog. In order for a blog get a good position on search engines, of course, we should be able to customize the type of keywords that will be used. Here are some simple tips to optimize the function of SEO is to be applied to an article, including:

seo tipsTitle of the article
You should be able to customize the title of the article. Actually it’s quite simple SEO tips, where you just need to put keywords in the title of the article. This I have proved in some articles that I try optimization, and some time later the article has appeared on the first page of search engines. But to reach that position, firstly you can submit article to multiple “ping service”, where the function of this service is to inform the search engines that are the latest articles in our blog.

Title on images
Many people who do not understand the function of an images. And if we are learning more about the function of these images, it is enough to affect the position of the article on the search engines. You can customize the title that wants to become a keyword that will be placed on these images.

Optimization of tag line
There are several functions that you can still optimization, but for it is only necessary on the blog using the wordpress platform, where there are several menus and settings to perform optimization of an article through the use of the tag line, such as H1, H2, H3, and so on. Surely every tag line that will be used already contained those keywords.


  1. to optimize the article for more seo usually I also make sure the article keyword density around 3%
    and the minimum keyword density for keywords that I shoot is 2.5%
    thanks for the explanation of the above, it is very useful ..

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