Tips on Choosing Hosting

hosting companyOk I need not explain further what it is hosting? If you do not understand what it was hosting then you have 2 choices, Google the word “hosting” or Lift foot from my blog because the post this time I will not discuss about what it is hosting.

At this time a lot of hosting companies appear to sell his services. Why be a lot? Due to open this business can be started with a capital that is not too big. Therefore we must be clever in choosing a hosting company that will be our partner. I have experience of the intricacies hosting in the universe. These are tips from me in choosing hosting, may be useful.

Know the needs of website
There are many types of hosting products being sold out there. So please know your website needs. There are some parameters that I need to consider in choosing a hosting product, so you should be choose only the right features inside.

Determination of capacity must be fitted. Do not hire hosting 1GB to store 5GB file. Do not hire hosting 1GB 20GB for files, too large. More and more large hosting capacity, the more expensive the rent, especially in some hosting facilities.

Maybe when the new website and still not popular, bandwidth requirements are not too problematic because too few visitors who access the site. The problem is when the website is popular and many visitors are accessing our website, if the bandwidth provided able to handle the number of visitors who access the website. If the product has hosting bandwidth quota, it will usually cost you extra if you exceed the quota bandwidth access to the website. Currently, he also has a lot of hosting companies that offer products with unlimited bandwidth. But still carefully select a trustworthy company.

Server and programming Language
Almost all hosting product offering products with the PHP language. There are some products also include PHP as a server-side language because it is almost all client using PHP language. So do not let your application that uses ASP placed on the server based on PHP, because the application is not able to run. Still there anyway hosting companies that offer ASP or Java-based products, although the amounts are relatively small and are usually more expensive than PHP based server.

Before choosing a hosting product, always know what applications you are using a database? Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL? If use Oracle seems almost impossible to be able to support the hosting product Oracle database. PostgreSQL also still hosting products though not as much support MySQL.

Addon Domains
Addon Domains is more necessary if you want to use more than one domain in one hosting products. Usually Addon Domains are limited in number. For example: I rent a hosting product that had 5 addon domains. And I have 3 websites with the domain, among others, and was playing my domain, the primary domain in my hosting products. addition, I also want to implement and me. Because my hosting product has 5 Addon Domains, then I would use 2 Addon Domains me to and

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