Try Google Sync in your smartphone

As an operating system developed and maintained by the open handset alliance, Android provides full synchronization facilities for email services, contacts, and calendar from Google. Setting up this application is also very simple; here are some steps you can do:

google sync

  • The Android 2.x, go to Settings> Account & Sync.
  • Click the Add Account. From the list of existing types of synchronization account, if it appears Google, choose Google. If it does not appear, it is advisable to install the application Google search, Gmail, and Google docs.
  • Then click next and click sign in if you already have a Google account. If you do not already have an account, you can make in advance. If the login is successful it will display a selection of items that can synchronize data.
  • If the type does not appear after a Google account add account at a click, then you can enter your email and password, via gmail.
  • Click the button and it will appear next to config exchange activsync form. For the item server, you can replace with, while others left as is.
  • Click the next button, it will display the options account form.
  • Click the next button and enter your name. Click Done. If you 3.x and 4.x Android users, is shown a selection of items and corporate-type synchronization.

Once the process is successful you do, then the synchronization process of the application on the smartphone has been completed.

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