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Update your Twitter status is unusual, through

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Typically, we update the status by directly filling in the “What’s Happening?” In the site or through a desktop client application.

Hootsuite Site
Hootsuite Site

Then, what makes it different now? Imagine you could give me happy birthday to someone you care about, without worrying about forgotten, because the status message that we have previously scheduled. Interested? Follow the steps below:

  • Point your browser to Before you can use this facility, you must register in advance. Click Sign up now located at the top.
  • Once registration is completed and activated, you will automatically be taken straight to the main menu. The next step is to add a new stream of our Twitter account here, by clicking the Add Stream.
  • In the Add Stream, make sure the option Twitter has been selected, then click the Add Profile button.
  • Fill in your e-mail your Twitter at the Twitter login and password, then click Submit.
Hootsuite Site Twitter Login
Hootsuite Site Twitter Login
  • Back to the main menu. There already formed a new tab from our Twitter account. Click on that tab, now we start writing a message on the Compose Message located at the top.
Hootsuite Site - Compose
Hootsuite Site - Compose
  • Before sending it, click the icon Schedule Message. Here, we can set when the message will be displayed on our Twitter account. After that, do not forget to click the Set Date.
Hootsuite Site - Scheduler
Hootsuite Site - Scheduler
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