Using Google Maps Android Application when Offline

Google Maps is one very important application for Android devices. These applications can make travel when combined with GPS. Unfortunately, the Google Maps application is always connected to the Internet when in use so it will pretty much take your internet quota. Therefore this time we will review some easy ways that you can use this application to make it easier to use offline when no internet networks around you.

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Download Maps Offline
There are two ways you can use this app offline maps. For the first way, look first location you want to download the map. Once you find it, say “OK Maps” in the search bar and then the map will be downloaded automatically.

The second way is also quite similar. Once you find a location, press the search box and then slide the screen to the bottom. There you will find an option to download the map. Choose the option to download the maps to be used offline.

Maps are downloaded by the Google Maps application will not take too much of your memory capacity. For example, the city of New York just spend data at 13 MB only. Although its size is quite small, but you are still advised to use a WiFi network when downloading so that the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Difference With Online Version
There are several shortcomings of the offline version of Google Maps when compared to its online version. For example, if you download a map of the city of New York as a whole, then you will not get the detail information in the city. Therefore, you should really determine the specific location before downloading it.

Additionally, when using Google Maps offline, you can just find a place in the last map that you open when you’re online. But if you have already downloaded several the locations at once, then you can still find a place in a location that you have downloaded.

Overall, the functionality of Google Maps offline have not been able to replace its online version. But for those of you who are planning to travel to remote places, then this offline feature will be a little help, especially in a place that no internet connection. Actually there are many GPS applications offline, but sometimes less accurate data display. The offline map function itself can be used on the Google Maps application to version 7.0.1 above and requires the operating system Android 4.0.3 ICS.

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