This is the Nexus Smartwatch Specs

MWC event this year seemed to confirm that smartwatch a future devices that will be sold on the market. Proven in the event showcased a wide range of best smartwatch from various vendors, including Samsung, Sony, to Huawei. Given the fact that it is not wrong if Google will also release a similar device that is labeled with the Nexus Smartwatch .

nexus smartwatch for the best gadget

Nexus Smartwatch
Rumors of Google’s presence is also growing smartwatch released after the head of Android OS, Sundai Pichai, discuss topics regarding the API for device smartwatch. More recently, the Twitter account @evleaks also leaking information if smartwatch Nexus device will be manufactured by LG smartphone like the Nexus 5.

In these leaks also revealed if the Nexus Smartwatch will be equipped with a screen size of 1.65 inches with a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels square. The same size as the size of the Samsung Gear 2, only slightly smaller resolution. In addition, this smartwatch will also use IPS type LCD screen and not the AMOLED type screen or e-ink and e -paper.

Unfortunately there are no leaks on the processor used. However, these devices are likely to be equipped with 512 MB of RAM that will be able to run on the Android KitKat operating system.

In the sector of storage memory, the Nexus Smartwatch will be equipped with 4 GB of memory. The device will also support WiFi connectivity so it can be used to access the Internet through a WiFi network directly or via tethering process of smartphones. The device will reportedly begin mass production this year. So, wait and see to wear this gadget in your life.

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