Buying Android Apps in the Google Play with pulse

Not that many free applications support into one magnet for Android to dominate the mobile market today. Android users are spoiled with a variety of applications as an attractive but labeled free. However, there are times when we are interested in some really interesting applications, or more features than the free version. Unfortunately, the application with more features is not available for free, because it is priced at a not too expensive but also quite cumbersome.

android buy apps

Because, this time to purchase android apps on Google Play is still limited to using a credit card. In addition to the payment option that does not exist. Difficulties that may be experienced by many Android users in some country, the article most Android phone users in the area does not have a credit card.

The amount of opportunities and interests android users to buy paid applications turned out to be perceived as an opportunity for mobile operators. Reporting from Dailysocial, shortly some service provider will work with the Android application for payment via credit cards.

Later, pieces pulse option will appear next to the Add button after selecting the application Card to be purchased. Users will be charged extra after making purchases, which vary depending on the nominal price set by the operator. Certainly not a big problem considering buy android apps with a pulse would be much more practical than have to use a credit card.

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