Twitter provide Whisper mode features

Twitter reportedly is preparing a new feature called Whisper Mode. This feature allows the user to change the public conversation be private or personal. Like what this features that will be released? In one comment in an interview on the television show, Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter a little leak of these features. Later, Twitter will allow to build conversations in the group that can be converted into a private.

wishper mode features

So, what was said in a particular group, which contains more than two people, a conversation can be enjoyed by the few. Whisper mode allows it to stream personalized special message to a particular user.

Lets say you are in a conversation in a chat group that contains 10 users. Whisper Mode, allows sending messages secret in the group to which a particular person and that person only you can read it. So, if you want to whisper it privately and do not want to be known by others in the group, the group does not need to run out to create a new conversation. Stay advantage Whisper Mode that can be read only selected users.

However, there is no more detail when this feature will be released, including ” chatter ” this group would be present in the Direct feature messager or tweet will release a new service. Call it a chat. Dick Costolo also mentioned the Mute feature Follower which recently experimented indeed.

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