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If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges at the Mojave Superior Court, you need to consult with a skilled and seasoned Mojave Court Lawyer to represent you. This law firm represents clients for speeding offenses, commercial truck violations and drug possession allegations.

Over the past decade our firm has successfully defended persons charged with crimes in the Mojave Superior Court. The Court is part of the east Kern County Branch Court and serves the cities of China Lake Naval Station Mojave, Edwards Air Force Base, California City, Boron, Rosamond, Tehachapi, the Mojave Desert, Lake Isabella, Ridgecrest and Cantil. The Mojave Court is comprised of two Courtrooms and is presided over by one supervising Judge, John D. Oglesby, and two Court Commissioners. Many of the cases before the Court are from CHP vehicle stops on Highway 58 or the 14 and involve persons simply “passing through” on their way to Las Vegas, Lancaster, Bakersfield, Ridgecrest or other parts of the Country. This firm also handle arrests by the Kern County Sheriffs Depa rtment in one of the National Parks or on the Air Force Base.

If you have been cited for a log book violation in Kern County Superior Court Mojave, this law firm can help. The California Statutes that govern the subject are as follows:

§ 34501.4. Presumption of exceeding hours of service limitations based on logbooks

If a CHP officer ask that a commercial driver produce a log book for the prior the prior 24—hour period, is rebuttably presumed to be in violation of the hours of service limitations in Sections 34501 and 34501.2.

§ 34501.2. Regulations; Required provisions

(a) The regulations adopted under Section 34501 for vehicles engaged in interstate or intrastate
commerce shall establish hours—of—service regulations for drivers of those vehicles that are consistent with the hours—of—service regulations adopted by the United States Department of Transportation in Part 395 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as those regulations now exist or are hereafter amended.
(b) The regulations adopted under Section 3450120for vehicles engaged in intrastate commerce that
are not transporting hazardous substances or hazardous waste, as those terms are defined by regulations in Section 171.8 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as those regulations now
exist or are hereafter amended, shall have the following exceptions:
(1) The maximum driving time within a work period shall be 12 hours for a driver of a truck or truck
tractor, except for a driver of a tank vehicle with a capacity of more than 500 gallons transporting
flammable liquid, who shall not drive for more than 10 hours within a work period.
(2) No motor carrier shall permit or require a driver to drive, nor shall any driver drive, for any period
after having been on duty for 80 hours in any consecutive eight days.
(3) A driver employed by an electrical corporation, as defined in Section 218 of the Public Utilities
Code, a gas corporation, as defined in Section 222 of that code, a telephone corporation, as defined
in Section 234 of that code, a water corporation, as defined in Section 241 of that code, or a public
water district as defined in Section 20200 of the Water Code, may be permitted or required to drive
more than the number of hours specified in subdivision (a) while operating a public utility or public
water district vehicle during the emergency restoration of service. &n bsp;(4) Any other exceptions applicable to drivers assigned to governmental fire suppression and
prevention, as determined by the department.
(5) A driver employed by a law enforcement agency, as defined in Section 390.3(f)(2) of Title 49 of
the Code of Federal Regulations, as that section now exists or is hereafter amended, during an
emergency or to restore the public peace.
(c) The regulations adopted under Section 34501 for vehicles engaged in the transportation of farm
products in intrastate commerce shall include all of the following provisions:
(1) A driver employed by an agricultural carrier, including a carrier holding a seasonal permit, or by a
private carrier, when transporting farm products from the field to the first point of processing or
packing, shall not drive for any period after having been on duty 16 hours or more following eight
consecutive hours off duty and shall not drive for any period after having been on duty for 112 hours in
any consecutive eight—day period, except that a driver transporting special situation farm products
from the field to the first point of processing or packing, or transporting livestock from pasture to
pasture, may be permitted, during one period of not more than 28 consecutive days or a combination
of two periods totaling not more than 28 days in a calendar year, to drive for not more than 12 ho urs
during any workday of not more than 16 hours. A driver who thereby exceeds the driving time limits
specified in paragraph (2) of subdivision (b) shall maintain a driver’s record of duty status, and shall
keep a duplicate copy in his or her possession when driving a vehicle subject to this chapter. These
records shall be presented immediately upon request by any authorized employee of the department,
or any police officer or deputy sheriff.
(2) Upon the request of the Director of Food and Agriculture, the commissioner may, for good
cause, temporarily waive the maximum on—duty time limits applicable to any eight—day period when
an emergency exists due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or an adverse economic condition
that threatens to disrupt the orderly movement of farm products during harvest for the duration of the
emergency. For purposes of this paragraph, an emergency does not include a strike or labor dispute.
(3) For purposes of this subdivision, the following terms have the following meanings:
(A) “Farm products” means every agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, or vegetable product of
the soil, honey and beeswax, oilseeds, poultry, livestock, milk, or timber.
(B) “First point of processing or packing” means a location where farm products are dried,
canned, extracted, fermented, distilled, frozen, ginned, eviscerated, pasteurized, packed, packaged,
bottled, conditioned, or otherwise manufactured, processed, or preserved for distribution in
wholesale or retail markets.
(C) “Special situation farm products” means fruit, tomatoes, sugar beets, grains, wine grapes,
grape concentrate, cotton, or nuts.

Theft Offenses
Theft Offenses

This is the go to law firm to represent all drivers for log book violations. They can can go to Court for you to keep the points off your driving record. As local Lawyers, they can negotiate the best possible disposition to save your job and your drivers license.

Warning: Be careful of Out of Area Law Firms “farm out” or subcontract out the case to a local attorney that receives a fraction of the fee being charged to the client and has no loyalty to the client. Often these “mill firms” will assure the client that the attorney handling the case is proficient, however they usually have no local knowledge of the Mojave Court and will be effectively “Home-towned” when they appear in the Mojave Court.

Contact the best Mojave Cour t Lawyers at toll free at 1-877-617-4486
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