What is Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a new way to spread our static content to another server.

CDN - Jumper your Server
CDN - Jumper your Server

The reason why CDN is important, for me it’s because we can maximize bandwidth access data from the client.

Content types include web objects, download-able objects (media files, software, documents), applications, real time media streams, and other components of internet delivery (DNS, routes, and database queries). Wikipedia

Why using Content Delivery Network (CDN)

One Last Jump
One Last Jump

There are several reason why CDN is the right technology for a website and here some of Benefit using Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • CDNs generally deliver content over TCP and UDP connections
  • CDNs can dynamically distribute assets to strategically placed redundant core, fallback and edge servers.
  • CDN technologies give more control of asset delivery and network load.

For WordPress user, there are useful plugin to integrated CDN Server seamlessly. You can install W3 Total Cache, this plugin created by W3Edge, easy install and configuration and cache your data using CDN Server.

So, are you ready to move your static data into CDN Server? there are a lot of CDN Server available on the next, MaxCDN.com, InstanCDN.asia and many more

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