Where is my Droid app for android selection?

android appsDo you ever find it difficult to find a favorite mobile phone because you forgot to put it where? The first thing you always did, of course, your phone calls with the help of other phones. However, what happens when you have set the phone in silent mode. Well, here’s where you need to install an application where my droid is.

To make the phone easier to find, where my droid is can turn off silent mode simply by sending SMS instructions that you specify. In addition to text, you also use the site wheremydroid.com to control your phone via the Internet. Of course, besides you can use to find a phone for forgetting, where’s my droid you can also use to locate a missing phone as stolen or left in public places.

In addition to sound a ringing tone, you also can use the embedded GPS in the phone to find out the location of your lost phone. Where my droid is also offers the ability to lock the device remotely, delete important data on the phone remotely, and so on.

Advanced task manager for droid app selection
It is common knowledge that the android device that you wear does not close the applications you have open but leave it running in the background. The more applications you open the more processes running on the phone. With advanced task manager, users can now control the applications running in the background; you can also set up a list of applications running automatically when the phone is in turn. Battery saver feature is also included in the advanced task manager.

Dolphin HD browser on droid app selection
Dolphin is a browser to surf the internet in the series of helpful features such as sonar, gesture, webzine and so on. Unlike the default browser which only offers standard features, dolphin also allows you to install an add-on like a PC browser, with support for a myriad of add-on, you can now use dolphin to read QR Code, PDF and is linked to facebook and twitter.

User can also convert web pages in PDF format go to a more practical and easy to read. Although the browser is in Arm premises many features, dolphin came up with the installation of a small size so it will not waste memory space phone.

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