Why a website exposed to the Sandbox?

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The characteristics of the article hit the Google sandbox is one of the most feared , bitch . How not , the article that had been on a pretty good SERP position suddenly disappeared from SERP . Initially thought the article is just thrown on the second page , but after the trace was also found not continue his search .

google sandbox

What is the Google Sandbox?
Google sandbox is an algorithm that aims to get rid and downgrade a new article or a new domain that is ranked high in the search drastically from a blog and taken as an indication to spam by Google .

How do the characteristics of the article hit the Google sandbox ?

The characteristics of the article hit the Google sandbox is not the discovery of the article in the search or in other words the loss of an article of the search . My article for example how to create a blog in WordPress, article I find out the IP address of computer , how to setting the modem never experienced such things . Certainty the actual cause of the articles exposed the Google sandbox still missed the absolute .

Some say that too much optimization back links , too much use of keywords over and over , even some that say back links directed to the article is too much compared to the main page . But I myself do not do optimization such that the article mentioned above . Original cause is the presence of 503 error message when I checked using Google webmasters tools , which means there is an error from the server . And the pages suddenly disappeared from SERP . What an annoying thing and spend my time to investigate.

Various suggestions I try to apply that article I could come back from the SERP or out of the Google sandbox , for example, edit articles, resubmit the sitemap , point articles on other blogs comments . And this time I try to back this article to attempt a rescue effort to articles that lay in the ICCU . Hopefully there is a bright spot against the article. Greetings bloggers .

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