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Pitr ThumbnailI am very happy after completed redesign “Mbah Dipo” and crafted with new and silly interface design. And for someone that waiting themes that craft by me, this time I released my first WordPress Theme, I call this theme Pitr, yes just 4 character.

Pitr Theme I released under GPL licensed. So you can download and tweak as many you can but remember you still have to put my name as the original author or if you want erased it please contact me. In this version (1.0) Pitr not yet sidebar widget compatible, if you need make it compatible just edit sidebar.php or waiting my next released (I hope in April), I want say to thanks, to all of you that give me support and make this happen. Go to Pitr Theme Page

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(02 April 2007) Pitr Widget Enables version was released

*I change this post to English to make this theme more enjoyable in this world, thanks to Didats

Written by Jauhari
This is me Nurudin Jauhari. Just human like you, I come from Gunungkidul, small place at Yogyakarta, Living in Malang 1998-2004 and Today I live at @DesaPonjong Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. I was born 30/04/1980 in Ponjong, small village in Gunungkidul, Almost my time in 1 - 15 Years stay at this Village. More Profile

19 Replies to “WordPress Theme: Pitr”

  1. You do like flowers, don’t you? :)

    I do have a big request. Since Pitr requires certain plugins then I ask that you bundle those plugins with the theme. Would make live simpler for people. As an option, you could incorporate those plugins into the design, much as others have done with their designs.

    Overall I like Pitr and I hope you design more themes.

    1. Sebentar… (gaya tukul arwana)

      Apanya yang mau di “boso londo”?? kalau di Pitr theme pagenya sudah saya LONDOkan… cuma kalau ente download dan extract, yang masih saya kasih bahasa pribumi cuma di sedikit function nya aja… lainnya Insya Allah udah “boso londo”

      Kalau cak didats atau yang lain menemukan yang belum “boso londo” dengan senang hati saya koreksi…. ^_*

  2. Wah, sip Mas!

    Widget-friendly juga ya?

    Ferdhie, kalau melihat pesan errornya, sepertinya itu sebagian besar bukan karena theme-nya kali ya? Tapi dari elemen tambahan diluar theme, dan entry-nya sendiri…

    Hint: html_entities

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