WP Robot Make Your Internet Marketing easier

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If you know about posting articles automatically using feed wordpress or other wordpress plugins, so I will present to you a new technology called WP Robot. It’s a  premium plugin that might be interesting to have for your blogs.

For the first time I saw this feature from WPRobot.net, I think it’s similar like  feed wordpress plus some additional modification for any posts that do not exactly match the original any posts.

In fact all of that right and many other additional and particularly if you use your blog as a business to obtain dollars from the internet as an internet marketer.

Why, because WP Robot equipped with a module that supports some of the affiliate that is already famous amazon, ebay, clickbank article and some banks to fill the rather blog without having to write your own articles about the theme you have in the affiliate.

WP Robot equipped with several language translation from google and youtube and as a complement to your article.

How to use this is easy, we just set some part of the article plugin per day or per hour. Then on the Percentage of how many ads – every article, and so forth. I think that is quite feasible as a plugin and the premium can be made so that the consideration for purchase to facilitate your to  explore more about internet marketing without having to busy by writing articles on your blog, especially if you have more than one blog. Have a nice try WP Robot plugins.

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14 Replies to “WP Robot Make Your Internet Marketing easier”

  1. This is a wonderful plugin if you’re a big internet marketer, I’ve used it on only a couple of product review websites but it’s very effective.

  2. makasih infonya gan…saya newbie baru belajar amazon sama wp-robot…mudah mudahan bisa…mohon disharing lagi ilmunya master…

  3. Ada plugin buatan anak bangsa yang tidak kalah hebatnya mas. Namanya WPMixer. Masak belum tau sih mas?
    Dari namanya plugin ini sanggup menggabungkan berbagai sumber content di dalam sebuah post.

    Kebanyakan plugin kan hanya sanggup menghasilkan artikel dari 1 sumber ke dalam 1 post. Video youtube video doang… artikel, artikel doang. WPMixer ini beda. Ini dalam 1 post isinya artikel, video dan yahoo answer digabung jadi satu.

    Ada feature baru cLinker dan aLinker yang memanjakan blogger membangun backlink. Worth to try deh mas. Bangga produk Indonesia.

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