Android Smartphones & Window Phone Will Equipped with Security Features

Google and Microsoft will integrate features reveal ‘kill switch’ for Android smartphones and Windows Phone version. With the ‘kill switch’, the user can turn off their device is lost or stolen.

android and windows phone

Both companies have formally expressed the plan. Google told Bloomberg, adding a solution of protection will reset to the initial factory settings for the latest version of the Android operating system.

Meanwhile, Vice President for U.S. Government Affairs Microsoft, Fred Humphries, said that the company will add the ability for anti-theft feature Find My Phone on Windows Phone before July 2015.

“With these additional features, we hope that the technology – which is part of our strategy, can help reduce the intensity of criminals to steal smartphones,” Humphries wrote in a blog post, as reported by the Telegraph.

Step Google and Microsoft is following Apple first introduced a similar feature that is ‘activation lock’ and ‘delete phone’ on the Find My iPhone app in September 2013. Strategies Apple was fruitless.

Theft related to Apple products reportedly declined 19 percent in New York in the first five months of this year. Authority San Francisco and London also saw a decline in the level of theft. Previous Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, revealed that about 10 thousand handsets stolen in London every month. The manufacturing assessed must take responsibility to address the theft. The companies in question are Apple, Samsung, and Google.

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