Automated solution for Wifi on Adroid

Generally fast android device battery drained. Two practical way to cope is to lower the screen brightness and turning off wifi when not needed. When you are in an environment with no wifi, turning off wifi is one way that you can save battery power. Only if you forgot to turn back wifi hotspot, you will lose the opportunity to open an e-mail and various other things related to the internet.

The solution, use a sentry. Sentry app will run all automated solutions for activation and deactivation wifi on android, depending on the availability of the router and Internet connection. Sentry can you download it free on Google play store. Let’s see how the steps to enable and disable wifi automatically:

  1. Download sentry on Google play store, and then run the installation process.
  2. Once activated, the sentry will automatically turn wifi on when you unlock the screen, grab device, and after internet connection is detected at certain intervals, simply tap on the desired option to tick.
  3. Tap the check option if wifi turned off on the home screen app. It will automatically activate the wifi settings that you have configured, the sentry, the app will automatically detect the status of wifi on android, and set all the options associated with the wifi.
  4. To simplify the description of the workings of the app, when the check option turned off wifi enabled, set the polling interval at 20 minutes and the time to wait for a connection to a position 15 seconds, and then click the Activate button. So wifi on android device will be activated and will examine the possibility of internet connection for as long as 15 seconds. If the internet connection is detected for 15 seconds, if detected internet connection, wifi will run. When the Internet connection is interrupted or you are out of range of the wifi router, sentry will recheck the connection after 20 minutes, and will determine the activation of the wifi settings. When the time interval is not specified no wifi connection, the app will automatically turn off wifi.

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