Auditing wifi network of Smartphone

Network administration, security analyst, IT engineer or novice users who are concerned with security, speed and all things on a wifi network configuration, will most likely use a variety of tools to monitor network performance and security issues. It is relatively easy to do on a desktop computer, but can from a Smartphone? Is there any app that can meet the needs of network monitoring this? 

Wifinspect is the app that ensures security of the wifi network, and monitor and audit. So you can access all the information, statistics, and reports on configuration of routers to access point nearby. You can scan, monitor, and analyze all the details of the app, and help detect all weaknesses that exist in the network. Wifinspect can only run on a device that has been at the root, and is available free on google play store at the address:

You might be surprised because it can perform network analysis and audit of smartphone android wifi only. Wifinspect can run on android 4.1, and provide the ability for android android users to check various aspects of the wifi network. Wifinspect Run the app, then the app main screen you will find a variety of buttons to monitor and audit the wifi network. Here it is the key:

  1. Network info: displays detailed information about the access points are used, ranging from frequency-channel, signal strength, link speed, device mack address, netmask, gateway, DNS 1, the DHCP server to the DHCP list.
  2. UPnP device scanner: displays all UPnP devices available. Tap start a scan to run a UPnP.
  3. Host discovery: detects and lists all the devices connected to the network. You will get an option to do a complete or partial scan. Tap to complete, and then tap the app will start scanning to identify all IP addresses, and other information (host name, make addresses and vendor). On the home network. If you’re partial to tap, the app will only scan the IP addresses of the device. You can also run many other commands on the IP addresses of your choosing from port scanning, pink, access point security tester, to sniff.
  4. Network sniffer: an important key to his sensitive, you can detect all packages handled by the access point. When you run the sniffing, the app will see all traffic on the network. You can see the total amount of traffic and the collection of pcap files in a folder on the SD wifi probe cards. You can also analyze each  pcap file, including an analysis of the total package, the distribution of bandwidth, and so on.
  5. PCAP analyzer: list all PCAP files obtained from network sniffing. Find PCAP file from the list, and then do the analysis associated with the data packets, and bandwidth.
  6. PCI DSS menu: with her you can perform various commands to test the access point, you can run a variety of tests, namely access point default password is test, test access point security, access point scanning vulnerable internal network scans, and external network vulnerability scans.

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